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Expedited Court Access Cards Information

Applicants for IDs must always report in person. Any attorney in good standing with the Oregon State Bar may get an ID. Law firms may request IDs for their employees and associates such as investigators, paralegals, assistants, court reporters, etc. Associates must have a letter from their employer authorizing eligibility for expedited access regardless of who pays the fee.

Authorization may only be granted to those attorneys in good standing with the Oregon State Bar. The privileges extended to the holder of the attorney identification card end upon voluntary or revocation withdrawal or loss of good standing with the Oregon State Bar. Associates/employees of law firms must have a letter from the employer sponsoring the request for expedited courthouse access. Upon termination of employment, the courthouse access card must be returned by mail to the Sheriff’s Office. The law firm accepts responsibility for their employee and will notify the Sheriff’s Office of any change of employment status.


  • New Expedited Court Access Card Application - $125.00
  • Court Access Card Renewal - $125.00
  • Replacement Court Access Card - $15.00

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Expedited Court Access Cards Terms and Conditions: must meet ALL requirements

Authorization to bypass the Multnomah County court facility security systems by using the employee entrances is a privilege that may be granted through the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Identification Card Program FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES ONLY, subject to the terms and conditions set forth below

1. Non-transferability: The identification card issued by the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office is for the use of the applicant only and is non-transferable. No one other than the authorized person may use the identification card for access through an employee entrance; willful failure to comply with this requirement will result in immediate forfeiture of the identification card and denial of any application for re-issuance.

2. Privilege May Be Suspend or Revoked: The identification card remains at all times the property of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, which reserves the right to suspend or revoke the authorization for failure to comply with any requirement set forth in the application.

3. Sheriff’s Authority to Confiscate: The Multnomah County Sheriff, a Sheriff’s Deputy, or a Facility Security Officer has authority to confiscate the courthouse identification card upon a good faith belief that the authorized person is a security risk or has violated any term of this agreement or the statutes, rules or orders governing security in court facilities in Multnomah County.

4. Duty to Advise: The authorized person must immediately advise the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office Concealed Handgun License Unit (503) 988-0517, if the person is charged with a criminal offense, has a family abuse restraining order or stalking order entered against him or her, or an attorney has his or her Oregon State Bar license suspended. Upon occurrence of any of these events the privilege to use employee entrances shall be suspended pending the resolution of the matter, and the card shall be surrendered at once to the Multnomah County Sheriff. Willful failure to comply with this requirement will result in immediate forfeiture of the identification card and denial of any application for reissuance.

5. Limited Privilege: The identification card authorizes entry, via employee entrances, to public areas of the facility only; no other access to employee areas or other restricted areas of a court facility is granted by the identification card.

6. Subject to Search In Court Facilities: When entering or within a court facility, the authorized person remains subject to search by the Sheriff, a Sheriff’s Deputy, a Facility Security Officer, or by any law enforcement officer for the purposes of enforcement of ORS 166.370, UTCR 6.180, Multnomah County SLR 6.055, and orders of the court.

7. Renewal of Card: The identification card may be renewed upon expiration on terms and conditions set forth by Multnomah County Sheriff's Office. You must renew or the Courthouse Staff will confiscate your card. 

8. Reporting Loss or Theft: A lost or stolen identification card replacement may be requested, with a $15 fee.

9. Denial of Privileges, Notice: The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office has the authority to deny any application for authorization to bypass the Multnomah County Courthouse security system upon a good faith belief that the applicant does not qualify under the criteria listed in the application. An applicant whose application has been denied will be advised in writing of the denial and the reasons for the denial. The applicant may request a review of the denial as outlined in paragraph 11 below.

10. Revocation of Privileges, Notice: As soon as practicable, any authorized person whose privileges are suspended will be notified in writing of the suspension and the reasons for the suspension. The authorized person may request a review of the revocation as outlined in paragraph 11 below.

11. Review of Denial or Revocation: Any request for a review of a denial of a card or suspension of card privileges must be in writing. It must be submitted to the presiding captain within 21 days of the written notice of denial or revocation and must be set forth with specificity the grounds upon which the denial or revocation would be reconsidered. Reconsideration is solely at the discretion of the Sheriff’s Office, and its decision is final. By itself, denial or revocation of card privileges does not limit access to court facility: it only removes the privilege of using the employee entrances for such access.

12. Sheriff’s Authority to Change Terms and Conditions: The Multnomah County Sheriff is the authority on security in court facilities and retains the right to change the terms and conditions for use of the identification card, up to and including closing employee entrances to cardholders without prior notice to authorized person or to the Multnomah Bar Association.

13. Fees: Fees are due and payable upon submission of this application for new, renewal or replacement identification card. credit/debit card are the only acceptable forms of payment for the online submission.

14. Applicant Identification: The application for authorization must be made in person, and must be accompanied by identification acceptable to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office (i.e., driver’s license and Oregon Bar card).

15. Photographs: All new applicants will be photographed, no exceptions. A new photograph does not need to be taken for a renewal or replacement. They are done by mail and the existing photograph will be used.

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Phone: 503-988-0517
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IMPORTANT: If you have already submitted an application, please note we are working on our tasks in the order in which they were received. You will receive an email once it is completed, approved, and mailed out. The status will not update from “assigning to processor shortly” until it is actually approved. Please refrain from calling or emailing to check the status.


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